Starts with an invitation,
from one person to another,
to pause the busyness of life
for 60 minutes of  kwentong bu    

Kwentong Buhay refers to the universal human experience of two friends exchanging "what's up with life" stories.

It starts with mundane day-to-day happenings and moves onto deeper exchanges, a true-to-life experience we follow in the Empathy Project.

Guided by digital flashcards
that prompt deeper and deeper questions,
this conversation between two friends
is auto-translated into reflection notes
that rely on software intelligence to surface
the most actionable and powerful
opportunities for growth.

Reflection Notes are exactly that: they reflect back the conversation that just took place, but in a wonderfully visual format full of surprising data and stories.

This thus allows us to reflect on the most meaningful parts of our kwentong buhay - which later surface as actionable growth opportunities.

What's the ROI for an hour's conversation between two friends?

In the Empathy Project, you'll be shocked how much you'll get from just one conversation.

Using software intelligence that keeps getting smarter, we get a personalized giftbox full of recommendations that are refreshed weekly. It's an unstoppable gift that keeps giving!

Whose growth? You’ll be shocked.

The Empathy Project is an
unstoppable gift that keeps givin
for all involved, and it starts right here.

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when you and your friend are ready
for your Empathy Project conversation.

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