Three important notes before we start: First, your identity will always be kept strictly confidential. Second, if you’d rather not answer any question, just say “Next question, please”. Finally, in this Empathy Project, we cannot go backward; we can only move forward by taking the next card and moving on until we reach the end, […]


This Empathy Project is simply a 60- to 90-minute conversation between you and me. Guided by digital flashcards that serve up more and more relevant talk points, I will be feeding you questions while also taking notes that the Empathy software will auto-translate into reflection sheets to be submitted to you. You will receive these […]


Hello Clara! Full Disclosure: I will be reading from digital flashcards designed to flow us into an easy and more and more powerful conversation. In fact, I am reading the opening card right now, in order to introduce you to the Empathy Project. First of all, thank you for accepting my invitation to join me […]

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THE EMPATHY PROJECT Woohoo, Aileen! You’re ready to go live with this Empathy Project, which is simply a 60-90 minute conversation with your friend. As the initiator of this Empathy Project, you will lead the conversation guided by digital flashcards that you can access right here. Enjoy! GO LIVE © 2020 Ignite House. All Rights […]

After Invitation

THE EMPATHY PROJECT   When you and your friend are ready on your appointed date and time, you will be provided with digital flashcards to guide your conversation. We’ve sent you an email to access these tools. Or you can simply click here to access your Empathy Project dashboard.     © 2020 Ignite House. […]


THE EMPATHY PROJECT   Starts with this invitation,from me, to you. Let’s catch up in a different way– yes, about life these daysbut we’ll go deeper. I will use digital flashcardsto take us on this Empathy Project,which is simply a 60-90 minuteconversation that gets more powerfulthe deeper we get into it. As a friend so […]

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